Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs us?

Any business (or individual) looking to communicate effectively from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English.

How do we bill?

This depends on the client and what works best for all parties involved. Generally we bill each client upon completion of the job.

What does it cost?

We generally bill by the hour, however it does depend on the project. Contact us! We would love to speak with you about our cost for your project!

When are we available?

We are available when you need us.

Are we local?


We are a local business who offers this service to any location in the stae of Alabama. We will consider projects in other areas.

Do we have a dress code?

Yes. We will generally dress professionally unless told by the client that a specific dress is required.

Are we qualified?

Yes. We have been trained as Healthcare Interpreters and we are part of the American Translators Association.

Are we experienced?

Yes! We have been serving the state of Alabama for the last four years.

Interested in scheduling an interpreter or learning even more about our services?

Contact Us!

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