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Creekside Consulting offers interpreting services for any client with a need to communicate an English message to a Spanish speaker or vice versa. We have been trained to act as the voice for patients in hospitals and any other health setting. In addition, we will interpret for managers who need to communicate to a Spanish staff for orientation or training purposes. Our interest is to be sure that the message, whether it is English or Spanish, is effectively communicated to the target audience regardless of the venue.

Our interpreters are either native speakers or have spent a significant amount of time overseas in a number of different Spanish speaking countries. This way, we are able to be sensitive and understanding of the culture of our clients and how to use that knowledge to deliver the message properly without offending our audience.

Creekside Consulting has a profound respect for Latin American culture and facilitating communication between our Latino neighbors and our North American counterparts. We are greatly interested in being a positive part of globalization, and welcome the opportunity to be a voice for whomever needs our services.

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